Features & Benefits of Pallets Cages


Since 1978 Cevol Industries has been Australia’s leading materials handling, pallet and stillage hire operation. If you are a distribution or logistics professional who needs quality metal pallets, pallet cages, or custom pallets for your specific needs and requirements then Cevol Industries is sure to have the solution to your problem.


Benefits of Metal Pallet Cage Hire


If you’re a business that is run on a shoestring then it may interest you to know that hiring from Cevol Industries is a great way to save money and streamline your business. Just a few of the many advantages to hiring pallets for your logistics requirements. 


  • When hiring from Cevol Industries we have no minimum number of pallets you must hire and no minimum period of time for which you can hire them.
  • No capital outlay, save in the short term and the long term by only hiring what you need when you need it, don’t have old pallets crowding your warehouse when you don’t need them.
  • Full tax deduction, a great bonus in any business’ books.
  • Flexibility of supply and product mix, mix and match what you need when you need it.
  • Hire according to your needs and never have more or less than you need.

Pallet Hire Features


Here are the features you can expect to find on all Cevol Industries metal pallet cage hire products;


  1. All units have 4 way lifting access
  2. All units make use of legal truck tray space
  3. Most units have half drop front gates (except D's)
  4. Folding pallets C series parts are non-removable for loss prevention
  5. Security lids available on request for most types
  6. All gates may be opened when stacked
  7. Pallets are a versatile substitute for fixed stacking
  8. Can be stencilled with your company name and numbered, and colour coded when hired long term.
  9. Pallets with same base dimensions are inter-stackable
  10. Plastic liners are available for most models

Custom Made Pallets


Can’t find exactly what you need in our range of pallet cages and metal pallet products? Cevol Industries has been designing and manufacturing custom pallets for over 30 years. Whatever you need for your custom pallet job the team of pallet experts at Cevol Industries will be able to design and manufacture the perfect solution for your custom pallet problem.